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Table 1 Agreement to criteria for Prolonged Grief Disorder according to the Prolonged Grief Disorder Scale (PG-13) in the 85 female refugees who reported to have been bereaved

From: Prevalence of prolonged grief disorder in a sample of female refugees

Prolonged Grief Disorder Criteria n %
Duration of symptoms of at least 6 months 50 58.82
Bitterness over the loss 37 43.53
Longing / yearning for the person lost 33 38.82
Trouble accepting the loss 33 38.82
Intense emotional pain, sorrow, or pangs of grief 32 37.65
Difficulties trusting other people since loss 27 31.76
Feeling confused about role in life, feeling that a part of oneself has died 23 27.06
Functional impairment (in social, occupational, or other areas) 19 22.35
Feeling emotionally numb since loss 16 18.82
Avoiding reminders that the person lost is gone 14 16.47
Difficulties moving on (e.g. making new friends etc.) 14 16.47
Feeling that life is unfulfilling, empty or meaningless 13 15.29
Shocked, stunned or dazed by the loss 9 10.59
  1. Note. Amount or percentage of subjects agreeing to the respective item in the Prolonged Grief Disorder Scale (PG-13)