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Table 1 Genotypic distributions of rs1344706 and rs7603001 in ZNF804A in 640 Han Chinese autism trios

From: Family-based association study of ZNF804A polymorphisms and autism in a Han Chinese population

SNP ID Position Genotype frequencies in children P HWEa Genotype frequencies in parents P HWEb
rs1344706 chr2:184913701 CC CA AA   CC CA AA  
165 316 144 0.758 326 600 324 0.157
rs7603001 chr2:184902089 GG GA AA   GG GA AA  
444 174 22 0.336 865 380 35 0.380
  1. a Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) P value for genotypic distributions in autistic children
  2. b HWE P value for genotypic distributions in parents