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Table 1 Search terms, inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Internet-based interventions to support recovery and self-management: A scoping review of their use by mental health service users and providers together

  Key search terms Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Population Severe mental illness
Serious mental illness
Psychotic disorders
Psychotic illness
Adults experiencing SMI including psychotic illness or mental illnesses with psychotic features Solely high prevalence mental health conditions including anxiety, depression
Solely bipolar disorder or major depression where presence of psychosis is unclear
Intervention Internet-based intervention
Internet web-based eHealth, mHealth Online
Primary: Service user and mental health worker engaged in the intervention, whether synchronously or asynchronously
Secondary: Service user and research personnel in mental health service engaged in the intervention
Intervention does not engage both service user and mental health worker or research personnel
Stand-alone computer-mediated intervention (no web-based or mobile-device based component)
Outcome Recovery Self-management
Illness management
Interventions that aim to support personal recovery and/or self-management Interventions that focus solely on clinical recovery such as symptom reduction or treatment compliance