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Table 1 Summary of selected characteristics of service users interviewed

From: STructured lifestyle education for people WIth SchizophrEnia (STEPWISE): mixed methods process evaluation of a group-based lifestyle education programme to support weight loss in people with schizophrenia

Age (years)nSexnEthnicitynDxnOutcome (weight)nSessions attendedn
18–255Male12White British19F2011Weight loss (CI)700
26–357Female12African2FEP8Weight loss (NCI)61–21
36–458  White Other1F255Weight gain (CI)33–44
46–554  Bangladeshi1  Weight gain (NCI)65–612
    Indian1  No data277
  1. FEP First Episode Psychosis, F20 Schizophrenia, F25 Schizoaffective disorder; CI Clinically important, NCI Not clinically important, Dx Diagnosis