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Table 2 Results of service satisfaction among peer service providers at follow-up evaluation

From: Feasibility of peer support services among people with severe mental illness in China

Service satisfactionPeer service provider (n = 12)
N (%)Mean (SD)
Overall work satisfaction
 Overall, satisfied with the peer service12 (100%) 
 Time 4.08 (0.289)
 Content 3.42 (0.996)
 Environment 4.08 (0.289)
 Relationship with consumers 4.08 (0.289)
 Relationship with other peer service providers 4.17 (0.577)
 Relationship with doctors involved 4.25 (0.452)
Work competency and stress
 Qualified to be peer service providers10 (83%) 
 Feel stressful to be peer service providers6 (50%) 
Continuous work willingness
 Willing to continue11 (92%) 
 Confidence 7.13 (2.366)