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Table 1 Selected descriptives and effect sizes for included studies

From: The relation between behavioral problems and social competence: A correlational Meta-analysis

StudySampleMean age% girlsMeasurerN
Ansari, 2018USA4.051.0EXT/ SS−.6515,070
Arnold et al., 2012USA4.748.2AGG/ SS−.38467
Baker et al., 2015USA4.650.0CP/ SS−.46760
Barnett et al., 2010USA3.552.0EXT/ SC−.32127
Bjørknes & Manger, 2013Norway5.937.0EXT/ SS−.5996
Blandon et al., 2010USA5.854.0CP/ SS−.67253
Brock & Curby, 2014USA5.148.0CP/ SC−.702938
Broekhuizen et al., 2015Netherlands3.046.6EXT/ SC−.45545
Buck, 2014USA6.552.0EXT/ SS−.201022
[17]USA7.448.1EXT/ SC−.23258
Chen et al., 2010China8.348.7AGG/ SC−.501140
Chen et al., 2011China7.755.5EXT/ SC−.15425
Denham et al., 2013USA4.550.0AGG/ SC−.34298
Dollar & Stifter, 2012USA4.547.8AGG/ SC−.3590
Engle et al., 2011USA3.048.9EXT/ SS−.55567
Erturk, 2017Turkey3.552.8CP/ SS−.5553
Gresham et al., 2011USA9.254.1EXT/ SS−.47146
Hoglund et al., 2015USA8.250.1AGG/ SC−.74941
Hosokowa & Katsura, 2017Japan6.148.5EXT/ SS−.441604
Huang et al., 2017Uganda6.550.7CP/ SC−.24303
Hubbard et al., 2013USA10.552.0AGG/ SC−.18594
Hukkelberg et al., 2018aNorway7.331.9CP/SC−.55216
Hukkelberg et al., 2018bNorway8.436.5CP/SC−.61137
Jia et al., 2012USA4.048.2EXT/ SC−.31112
Kim et al., 2010Korea6.163.2CP/ SC−.3076
Korucu et al., 2017Turkey4.50.5AGG/ SC−.40212
Li et al., 2015China4.644.3EXT/ SS−.29543
Main et al., 2017USA9.248.1EXT/ SC−.36238
Marti et al., 2016USA3.851.0EXT/ SC−.12106
Mihic et al., 2016Croatia4.545.0AGG/ SC−.40182
Mirabile, 2014USA4.553.0EXT/ SC−.6181
[59]USA4.133.9CP/ SS−.72118
Nix et al., 2016USA4.054.0AGG/ SC−.78356
Orta et al., 2013Turkey4.642.4EXT/ SC−.47118
Pasiak & Menna, 2015Canada4.623.7AGG/ SS−.6759
Perry-Parrish et al., 2012USA6.547.0EXT/ SC−.16523
Pluess & Belsky, 2009UK4.5 CP/ SC−.62968
Razza & Raymond, 2013USA4.549.2EXT/ SS−.551007
Razza et al., 2015USA9.052.2EXT/ SS−.53669
Ren, 2014Australia4.346.0AGG/ SS−.40100
Rich, 2008USA4.048.1AGG/ SS−.4977
Roberts et al., 2016USA4.049.1CP/ SS−.132203
Sette et al., 2015Italy4.651.1AGG/ SC−.35493
Sette et al., 2017Italy4.751.8EXT/ SC−.31112
[69]Iceland8.027.0CP/ SS−.15102
Skalicka et al., 2015Norway4.050.0EXT/ SS−.19981
Torres et al., 2014Portugal4.552.8AGG/ SC−.41295
Valiente et al., 2011USA6.144.9EXT/ SC−.23214
Veiga et al., 2016Portugal5.853.8EXT/ SC−.2378
Wildenger & McIntyre, 2012USA5.459.3CP/ SS−.1186
Wilson et al., 2012Australia4.248.0CP/ SC−.03128
Zhang, 2012China3.553.9EXT/ SC−.48103
Zhou et al., 2015China7.755.5EXT/ SC−.15425
  1. Notes. EXT Externalizing behaviors, CP = Conduct problems, AGG = Aggression, SC = Social competence, SS = Social skills