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Table 1 Clinical variables of the respondents

From: Prevalence of self-stigma and its association with self-esteem among psychiatric patients in a Nepalese teaching hospital: a cross-sectional study

 N = 180
Duration of Mental Illness (in years) Mean ± SD 4.13 ± 4.98
 Less than 15631.11
 1 to 57943.89
 6 to 103418.89
 11 to 1552.78
 16 and above63.33
Presence of Co-morbidity
Family History of Mental Illness
Hospital Admission
Diagnostic Category
 Mood disorders7943.89
 Neurotic, stress-related & somatoform disorders7240.00
 Schizophrenia, schizotypal & delusional disorders2815.56
 Disorders of adult personality & behavior10.56