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Table 4 The results of multivariate analysis of variance with gender and IAT categories as independent variables and IAT scores and factors as dependents variables

From: Internet addiction test: Croatian preliminary study

Independent variableDependent variableMultivariate test ηp2Univariate test ηp2
GenderIAT score.062**.004
Em. and cog. Preocc..001
Neglecting work.029**
Social problems.014*
IAT categoriesIAT score.410**.801**
Em. and cog. Preocc..916**
Neglecting work.352**
Social problems.124**
Gender*IAT CategoriesIAT score.009.006
Em. and cog. Preocc..001
Neglecting work.002
Social problems.006
  1. * p < .05
  2. ** p < .01