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Table 2 Promax rotated matrix of the Lebanese Insomnia Scale items

From: Development of the Lebanese insomnia scale (LIS-18): a new scale to assess insomnia in adult patients

FactorItemsFactor 1Factor 2Factor 3Factor 4Factor 5
I am afraid to go to bed because of my disturbed sleepRIS 8.820    
I think a lot about my sleepRIS 7.744    
I feel that I have not slept all nightRIS 6.721    
I wake up from the slightest soundRIS 5.657    
Awaken short of breath or with a headache?MOS-SS 5.640    
Sleep inductionAIS 2 .846   
Awakenings during the nightAIS 1 .778   
How long did it usually take for you to fall asleep during the past 4 weeks?MOS-SS 1 .659   
Final awakening earlier than desiredAIS 3 .606   
Total sleep durationAIS 4 .563   
During the past month, how often have you had trouble sleeping because you feel too hotPSQI 5 (g)  .794  
During the past month, how often have you hadtrouble sleeping because you feel too coldPSQI 5 (f)  .772  
During the past month, how often have you had trouble sleeping because you have painPSQI 5 (i)  .742  
Take naps (5 min or longer) during the day?MOS-SS 11   .788 
Snore during your sleep?MOS-SS 10   .611 
Functioning (physical and mental) during the dayAIS 8   .479 
On the average, how many hours did you sleep each night during the past 4 weeks?MOS-SS 2    .739
Get enough sleep to feel rested upon waking in the morning?MOS-SS 4    .698
Cronbach alpha 0.7880.7540.7180.7940.694
Percentage of variances explained 28.8010.307.726.865.95
  1. Component 1: Sleep thoughts, feelings, physical sensation and behaviors; Component 2: sleep quality and patterns; Component 3: factors related to sleep disturbances; Component 4: daytime sleepiness and impact on daily functioning; Component: quantity of sleep
  2. Cronbach alpha for the LIS-18 scale = 0.821
  3. AIS Athens Insomnia Scale, PSQI Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, RIS Regensburg Insomnia Scale, MOS-SS Medical Outcomes Study Sleep Scale