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Table 2 Depression risk according to different dimensions of baseline physical activity. The SUN Project 1999–2018

From: Dimensions of leisure-time physical activity and risk of depression in the “Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra” (SUN) prospective cohort

Totalleisure-timephysical activity
< 10MET-h/wk10 to 20MET-h/wk> 20MET-h/wkP for trend
Depression cases / person-years366/59193193/37606311/662600.046
Multivariable-adjusted HR a (95% CI)1 (ref.)0.88 (0.74–1.05)0.84 (0.72–0.99)
Time spent in leisure time physical activity (hours/wk)< 75 min/wk75–300 min/wk> 300 min/wk0.057
Events / person-years279/44420345/65624246/53015
Multivariable-adjusted HR b (95% CI)1 (ref.)0.88 (0.75–1.04)0.83 (0.70–0.99)
Intensity in leisure time physical activity (average METS)Inactive< 6 Average METs≥ 6 Average METs0.650
Events / person-years161/26004574/110834135/26220
Multivariable-adjusted HR c (95% CI)1 (ref.)0.90 (0.75-1.09)1.00 (0.79-1.27)
  1. a Adjusted for sex, baseline body mass index, time sleeping, time nap, time TV, total energy intake, adherence to the Mediterranean Diet, alcohol intake, smoking pack years, educational level, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cancer and changes in physical activity in the 2th and 4th year follow-up, with age and year of entering the cohort as stratification variables
  2. b Additional adjusted by intensity physical activity
  3. c Additional adjusted by leisure time physical activity