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Table 1 Schedule of Enrolment, Interventions, and Assessment

From: The effect of dialectical behaviour therapy in autism spectrum patients with suicidality and/ or self-destructive behaviour (DIASS): study protocol for a multicentre randomised controlled trial

  Study Period
TIMEPOINTScreeningBaseline3 monthsPost-treatmentFollow- up
Eligibility screenx    
Informed consentx    
Allocation x   
SIDASxx xx
LPCxx xx
BDI-II x xx
Demographics x   
DERS xxxx
EQ-5D x xx
MANSA x xx
PSP x xx
SIAS x xx
SRS-A x xx
TAS-20 x xx
TIC-P short x xx
WAV-12a xxxx
  1. SIDAS Suicidal Ideation Attributes Scale, LPC Life time Parasuicide Count, AQ Short Autism spectrum quotient (short), BDI-II Beck Depression Inventory – Second Edition, DERS Difficulties in Emotion Regulation, EQ-5D EuroQol 5 dimensions, MANSA Manchester short Assessment of quality of life, PSP Personal and Social Performance Scale, SIAS Social Interaction Anxiety Scale, SRS-A The Social Responsiveness Scale, TAS Toronto Alexithymia Scale, TiC-P short Trimbos/iMTA questionnaire for Costs associated with Psychiatric illness, WAV-12 Working Alliance Inventory
  2. awill be rated by participants and individual therapists after each completed session of the skills training module