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Table 3 Multivariable linear regression analysis assessing factors independently associated with SDS and SAS

From: Current heterosexual marriage is associated with significantly decreased levels of anxiety symptoms among Chinese men who have sex with men

Beta95%CIp valueBeta95%CIp value
Age0.1450.1040.274< 0.0010.1170.0410.2070.003
GRSE number0.1481.4313.701< 0.0010.1551.2173.135< 0.001
HIV positive0.0831.1319.1560.0120.0971.4818.2930.005
SSRS score−0.242−0.468−0.268< 0.001    
Education ≥13 year (Ref < 10 year)−0.119−4.639−1.348< 0.001    
Gay (ref: HU)    0.0760.1282.6570.031
Current marriage with female (ref: single)    −0.136−5.775−1.5310.001
  1. HU Sexual identity as heterosexual or unconfirmed