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Table 4 Association of QOL with the sociodemographic and psychological factors by multiple linear regression analyses

From: Factors affecting the quality of life of single mothers compared to married mothers

 βS.E.pAdjusted R2
Single mothers   0.332
AUDIT-K score− 0.5220.09< 0.001* 
ResidenceaJeonse rental housing−0.3240.1250.01* 
Public rental housing−10.7792.166< 0.001* 
Education levelcAbove college3.1491.4620.033* 
Married mothers   0.493
GARS score−0.6930.072< 0.001* 
Education levelcHigh school graduate6.1222.9210.037 * 
Above college12.0523.007< 0.001* 
SSI score −0.5910.132< 0.001* 
  1. *p < 0.05
  2. Reference group: a owner, b housewife or student, c middle school graduate
  3. S.E. Standard error
  4. AUDIT-K: Korean version of the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test
  5. GARS Global Assessment of Recent Stress, SSI-Beck Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation,