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Table 1 Patients’ recruitment: inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: DAily time use, Physical Activity, quality of care and interpersonal relationships in patients with Schizophrenia spectrum disorders (DiAPASon): an Italian multicentre study

  Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
All groups - Age 20–55 years old;
- Good knowledge of Italian language.
- Inability to provide informed consent (because of low education, or cognitive impairment);
- Severe cognitive deficit (MMSE equal or lower than 24.0);
- Lifetime diagnosis of substance use disorder according to DSM-5 criteria (APA, 2013 [52]);
- History of clinically significant head injury;
- Cerebrovascular, neurological disease.
G1 and G2 - SSD diagnosis according to DSM-5 (APA, 2013 [52]);
- In charge to a RF or to a DMH as outpatient.