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Table 3 Incidence, incidence rate ratio and hazard ratio of time until different type of psychiatric disorders between IDA group and non-IDA group

From: Psychiatric disorders risk in patients with iron deficiency anemia and association with iron supplementation medications: a nationwide database analysis

VariablesEventPYRateaEventPYRateIRRAdjusted HR
(95% CI)(95% CI)
Overall5408118,071.6045.808506253,762.4833.521.37 (1.32–1.41)***1.52 (1.45–1.59)***
Anxiety disorders1183143,459.138.251739291,222.145.971.38 (1.28–1.49)***1.47 (1.33–1.63)***
Depression940144,477.036.511397292,544.684.781.36 (1.25–1.48)***1.49 (1.33–1.66)***
Psychotic disorders138148,802.230.93216298,418.900.721.28 (1.04–1.59)*1.41 (1.07–1.86)*
Bipolar disorders70149,237.960.47130298,949.780.431.08 (0.81–1.44)1.18 (0.79–1.74)
Sleep disorders4870121,755.1740.007590259,317.1329.271.37 (1.32–1.42)***1.53 (1.46–1.61)***
RLS54149,295.290.3667299,237.330.221.62 (1.13–2.31)**1.30 (0.80–2.12)
  1. IRR Incidence rate ratio, PY Person-years; aRate, incidence rate in per 1000 person-years; ***p <  0.001, **p <  0.01, *p <  0.05; Adjusted for age, gender, income level, hypertension, DM, dyslipidemia, CAD, stroke, CKD, cirrhosis, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, COPD, iron supplementation and area