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Table 1 Criteria for inclusion, exclusion, and discontinuation of participation

From: Protocol Across study: longitudinal transdiagnostic cognitive functioning, psychiatric symptoms, and biological parameters in patients with a psychiatric disorder

Inclusion criteria
1. Ability to give informed consent
2. DSM-IV-TR axis I or DSM-5 diagnosis
3. Aged 14–75 years at intake
4. For under-aged participants, consent will also be obtained from the participant’s parents in addition to the participant’s consent
5. Fluent in Dutch
6. Clinically stable
Exclusion criteria
1. High risk of suicide
2. Unstable medical disorder
3. Premorbid IQ < 70
4. History of a clinically significant abnormality of the neurological system (including dementia and other cognitive disorders or significant head injury) or any history of seizure (excluding febrile seizure)
Discontinuation criteria
1. Voluntary discontinuation by the patient who is at any time free to discontinue his or her participation in the study, without consequences to further treatment
2. Safety reasons as judged by the investigator
3. Severe non-compliance to the protocol as judged by the investigator
4. Incorrect enrolment (i.e., the patient did not meet or does no longer meet the required inclusion criteria) of the patient
5. Patient lost to follow-up due to no response
6. Development of exclusion criteria