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Table 2 Description of the CSQ-3 items and response categories in the MasterMind study

From: Dimensionality of the system usability scale among professionals using internet-based interventions for depression: a confirmatory factor analysis

CSQ-3 items
1. To what extend has the iCBT intervention met your needs in treating depressed patients?
None of my needs have been metOnly a few of my needs have been metMost of my needs have been metAlmost all of my needs have been met
2. In an overall general sense, how satisfied are you with the iCBT treatment you have provided?
Quite dissatisfiedIndifferently or mildly dissatisfiedMostly satisfiedVery satisfied
3. If you were to provide treatment again, would you use the iCBT intervention again?
No, definitely notNo, I don’t think soYes, I think soYes, definitely