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Table 2 Risk for disability pension (DP) among patients with treatment-resistant depression (TRD) vs. matched comparators with treatment for depression. Unadjusted and adjusted hazard ratios (HR) with 95% confidence intervals (CI) for all-cause and cause-specific DP

From: Risk and risk factors for disability pension among patients with treatment resistant depression– a matched cohort study

OutcomeN (% of DPs granted)Unadjusted HR (95% CI)Adjusted HR (95% CI)b
All-cause DP
 Comparatorsa (n = 3204)406 (100)RefRef
 TRD (n = 3204)730 (100)1.90 (1.72–2.11)2.07 (1.83–2.35)
DP due to mental and behavioural disorders
 Comparators309 (76.1)RefRef
 TRD621 (85.1)2.13 (1.89–2.39)2.24 (1.95–2.57)
Of which DP due to depression (F32–33)
Comparators134 (43.4)RefRef
TRD277 (44.6)2.15 (1.80–2.56)2.28 (1.82–2.85)
DP due to somatic disorders
 Comparators97 (23.9)RefRef
 TRD109 (14.9)1.22 (0.98–1.51)1.25 (0.84–1.86)
  1. aComparators matched on age, sex, calendar year of the index prescription, history of depression, and size of living area
  2. bAdjusted for attained educational level, marital/ parental status, country of birth, long-term sickness absence, unemployment, anxiety, personality and other psychiatric disorders, substance use disorder, history of self-harm/suicide attempt and Charlson’s Comorbidity index