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Table 7 Final model of a multivariable logistic regression analysis predicting anxiety among medical students and residents

From: Depression, anxiety, and burnout among medical students and residents of a medical school in Nepal: a cross-sectional study

PredictorβSEPOR (95% CI)
Intercept1.0510.5340.0492.860 (1.019–8.309)
 Male a
 Female0.6040.2510.0161.830 (1.122–3.010)
Year of study
 Med1 a
 Med2−0.6050.4580.1860.546 (0.220–1.331)
 Med3−0.0750.4110.8550.928 (0.413–2.077)
 Med4−0.9010.4860.0640.406 (0.154–1.043)
 Med5−0.6280.4630.1750.534 (0.214–1.319)
 Med6−0.8100.5330.1290.445 (0.153–1.248)
 PGY1−0.8730.4520.0530.418 (0.170–1.005)
 PGY2−1.2290.4620.0080.293 (0.116–0.716)
 PGY3−0.7870.4510.0810.455 (0.186–1.096)
 Absent a
 Present1.3960.247< 0.0014.039 (2.509–6.620)
Personal burnout
 Absent a
 Present0.5260.2470.0331.693 (1.043–2.755)
Patient-related burnout
 Absent a
 Present0.5940.3120.0561.810 (0.990–3.370)
Satisfied with academic performance
 Dissatisfied a
 Satisfied−0.5160.2250.0220.597 (0.383–0.928)
 Absent a
 Present0.5550.2290.0151.743 (1.114–2.733)
Past history of mental illness
 Absent a
 Present0.9430.4500.0362.568 (1.092–6.480)
Extracurricular involvement
 Always a
 Often−1.0030.4010.0120.367 (0.165–0.799)
 Sometimes−0.7610.3400.0510.467 (0.215–0.995)
 Rarely−1.3170.4460.0030.268 (0.110–0.634)
 Never−0.2680.8620.7560.765 (0.151–4.745)
Sleep adequacy
 Inadequate sleep a
 Adequate sleep−0.6500.2690.0160.522 (0.306–0.882)
 Hosmer and Lemeshow test8.4980.387 
 Likelihood ratio test128.2220< 0.001 
  1. Note.areferent for dummy coding. TLRS, Teaching and Learning Related Stressor. Null deviance: 663.55 on 479 df, Residual deviance: 535.33 on 459 df, AIC: 577.33, AUC: 0.81