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Table 2 Item Reliability Statistics

From: Psychometric properties of the Arabic version of the cardiac depression scale tested on Jordanian patients with cardiovascular diseases

  If item dropped
Cronbach’s α
I have dropped many of my interests and activities 0.864
My concentration is as good as it ever was 0.863
I can’t be bothered doing anything much 0.860
I get pleasure from life at present 0.862
I am concerned about the uncertainty of my health 0.859
I may not recover properly 0.866
My sleep is restless and disturbed 0.864
I am not the person I used to be 0.856
I feel like I’m living on borrowed time 0.861
Dying is the best solution for me 0.864
I feel in good spirits 0.860
The possibility of sudden death worries me 0.863
There is only misery in the future for me 0.860
My mind is as fast and alert as always 0.861
I get hardly anything done 0.860
My problems are not yet over 0.861
Things which I regret about my life are bothering me 0.863
I gain just as much pleasure from my leisure activities as I used to 0.863
My memory is as good as it always was 0.864
I become tearful more easily than before 0.867
I seem to get more easily irritated by others than before 0.858
I feel independent and in control of my life 0.863
I lose my temper more easily nowadays 0.862
I feel frustrated 0.856
I am concerned about my capacity for sexual activity 0.865