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Table 1 Demographics of the sample (N = 67)

From: Workplace experiences of mental health consumer peer workers in New South Wales, Australia: a survey study exploring job satisfaction, burnout and turnover intention

Gender identityFemale / Woman4770.1%
Male / Man1826.9%
Transgender Man23.0%
SectorGovernment service (New South Wales Health)4668.7%
Community Managed Organisation2029.9%
Private Sector11.5%
Job TitlePeer Worker / Peer Support Worker4567.2%
Senior Peer Worker / Senior Peer Support Worker46.0%
Consumer Advocate34.5%
Health Peer Support Worker / Peer Health Coach46.0%
Not stated11.5%
Main work locationMetropolitan3247.8%
Current employment typePermanent4770.1%
Temporary / Fixed-term contract1826.9%
Focus of current positionTotally / almost totally community-based3349.3%
Mainly community but some inpatient work1014.9%
About an even split between community and inpatient69.0%
Mainly inpatient, but some community work811.9%
Totally / almost totally inpatient-based1014.9%
Length of time working in current positionLess than 1 year1826.9%
1–2 years2232.8%
3–5 years1725.4%
6–10 years46.0%
11–20 years46.0%
Over 20 years23.0%
Length of time working in peer work positionsLess than 1 year1217.9%
1–2 years1522.4%
3–5 years2131.3%
6–10 years811.9%
11–20 years710.4%
Over 20 years46.0%
  1. Notes
  2. Freq.Frequency
  3. a This category included the following job titles: Consumer Engagement Coordinator (×2); Manager, Consumer Services (×2); Health Education Officer (×2); Consumer Participation Coordinator; Education Coordinator; Peer Engagement Worker, Peer Support Mentor