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Table 1 Comparison of sociodemographic characteristics and pregnancy and birth history of ADHD group and control group

From: Examining the autistic traits in children and adolescents diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and their parents

 ADHD Group (n = 66)Control Group(n = 33)p Value
Gender    0.744
Child Education Level    0.653
 Primary School34%51.516%48.5 
 Secondary School25%37.915%45.5 
 High School7%10.62%6.0 
Mother Education Level    0.021*
 Primary School18%27.35%15.2 
 Secondary School9%13.62%6.0 
 High School22%33.37%21.2 
Father Education Level    0.001*
 Primary School14%21.23%9.1 
 Secondary School8%12.14%12.1 
 High School26%39.44%12.1 
Monthly Income    < 0.001*
 < 1500 Turkish liras5%7.60%0.0 
 1500–3499 Turkish liras42%63.68%24.2 
 3500–5000 Turkish liras6%9.111%33.3 
 > 5000 Turkish liras13%19.714%42.5 
Smoking in Pregnancy    0.400
Problem in Pregnancy    0.428
Birth Type    0.196
Low Birth Weight    0.579
Prematurity    0.138
Problem at Birth    < 0.001*
  1. *p < 0.05