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Table 5 unadjusted and adjusted associations between MHK and public stigma

From: Mental health stigma and mental health knowledge in Chinese population: a cross-sectional study

 Stigma outcomes
PDD devaluationPDD discrimination
B (95%CI)BetaR2B (95%CI)BetaR2
MHK unadjusted model−0.425−0.2710.074−0.22−0.1030.011
(−0.499 - -0.351)*(− 0.324 - -0.116)*
MHK−0.389−0.2480.095−0.24− 0.1130.041
adjusted model(−0.466 - -0.311)*(−0.348 - -0.131)*
  1. In the adjusted model the reported coefficient is adjusted for the following dichotomous/categorical sociodemographic covariates: gender, rural-urban, age-group, education-group, income-group, employment status, marital status and GHQ score. *p < 0.001