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Table 1 Chart of measurements implemented in the study

From: Using mind control to modify cue-reactivity in AUD: the impact of mindfulness-based relapse prevention on real-time fMRI neurofeedback to modify cue-reactivity in alcohol use disorder: a randomized controlled trial

MeasurementS01MRI 1/baselineMBRPMRI 2MRI 3MRI 4MRI5/ PostFU1/2FU3
Consent Form for the StudyX        
Sociodemographic Information X       
Structured Clinical Interview (SKID – I)X        
Drinking Assessment Interview (Form90) X       
Urine Sample (Pregnancy & Drugs)X        
Breath Alcohol Test        X
Current MedicationX        
Current Drug UseX      XX
MBRP Confidence Scale   XXX  X
MBRP Fidelity Scale  X      
Clinical & Personality QuestionnairesS01MRI 1/ baseline MRI 2MRI 3MRI 4MRI5/ PostFU1/2FU3
General Depression Scale (Allgemeine Depressionsskala) X       
Positive and Negative Affect Scale (PANAS) X       
Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) X       
Behavioral Inhibition/Approach System (BIS/BAS) X       
Baratt Impulsiveness Scale (BIS-15) X       
Fagerstrom Test of Nicotine Dependence (FTND) X       
Goal Attainment Scaling X      X
Sensory Inventory X       
Alcohol-Related QuestionnairesS01MRI 1/ Baseline MRI 2MRI 3MRI 4MRI5/ PostFU1/2FU3
Quick Drinking Assessment Interview (Form 90)       XX
Alcohol Dependence Scale (ADS) X       
Alcohol Abstinence Self-Efficacy Scale (AASE) X      X
German Inventory of Drinking Situations (DITS-40) X       
Obsessive Compulsive Drinking Scale (OCDS) X      X
Alcohol Urge Questionnaire (AUQ) X      X
Craving-Automatized-Scale-Alcohol (CASA) X      X
Neuropsychological TestsS01MRI 1/ Baseline MRI 2MRI 3MRI 4MRI5/ PostFU1/2FU3
Vocabulary test X       
Dot Probe Task with Alcohol stimuli X       
Dimensional Card Sorting Task X       
MRIS01MRI 1/ Baseline MRI 2MRI 3MRI 4MRI5/PostFU1/2FU3
Anatomical image (MPRAGE) X XXXX  
Stop Signal Task (SST) X    X  
Cue-Reactivity Paradigm X    X  
Delay Discounting X    X  
Resting State X XXXX  
Neurofeedback   XXX   
Transfer   X X   
Craving (Visual Analog Scale) pre & post scanning   XXX   
Perceived control over NFB (Visual Analog Scale)   XXX   
  1. S01: Screening assessment and Baseline. MRI 1: MRI scanning appointment during baseline. MRI 2–4: rtfMRI NFB scanning appointments. MRI 5: MRI scanning appointment after the rtfMRI NFB sessions. FU 1–2: monthly follow-ups via telephone. FU 3: catamnestic interview (face-to-face)