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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of study participants

From: The experiences of receiving a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder during adulthood in Japan: a qualitative study

ID Age
Years since ADHD diagnosis Sex Occupation Comorbidity Medication treatment
A 20–24 2 F college student depression
B 20–24 1 F full-time job panic disorder anti-anxiety agent
C 25–29 1 F freelance depression, eating disorder, sleeping disorder, panic disorder ADHD medication
D 25–29 9 M freelance depression ADHD medication
E 25–29 4 F part-time job depression, panic disorder anti-depressant
F 55–59 1 M full-time job sleeping disorder
G 50–54 2 M full-time job ADHD medication
H 50–54 2 M none depression ADHD medication
I 25–29 5 F full-time job ADHD medication
J 50–54 3 M full-time job ADHD medication
K 45–49 0 F freelance
L 20–24 0 M college student ADHD medication