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Table 3 Intervention Characteristics Table

From: Psychosocial family interventions for relatives of people living with psychotic disorders in the Arab world: systematic review

author Adaptation Model Type of Intervention Components of the Intervention Model (Group/ Individual) Setting Intervention Attendees No. of Session/Duration/
Duration of Intervention Delivery - Method Therapist/ Training
Rami et al. (2018) [42] BFT manual by (Mueser and Glynn, 1999). The educational component was adapted from the psychoeducational program by ElShafie and colleagues (2002). Culturally sensitive Behavioral Family Psycho-Educational Program (BFPEP). psycho-education + communication enhancement training + problem-solving skills training Individual Outpatient clinic Caregivers and patients 14 one-hour sessions (weekly in the first 2 months, twice/month in the second 2 months, then every 3 weeks for the last 2 months) Over 6 months Individual family session in a bifocal format Researchers/ no training reported
Hasan et al. (2014) [43] Based on the framework of Atkinson and Coia [24]. it covers Bloom’s taxonomy of learning domains Psycho-education by booklet psycho-education + stress management strategies + problem-solving intervention Individual Community/ sent to patients’ home Caregivers and patients A psychoeducational
booklets each fortnight
12 weeks Booklet Not applicable
Soliman et al. (2018) [45] Not reported Psycho-education Mainly psycho-education Individual Outpatient during follow-up Caregivers and patients 6 (one sessions/month)/ duration not reported 6 months Psycho-education sessions during follow-up sessions Psychiatrists
(El-Shafei et al., 2008) [46] Not reported psycho-education Psycho-education + counselling sessions Individual Outpatient Caregivers and patients Not reported Not reported Brief education + counselling sessions Researchers
Ahmed E & Ghaith H (2018) [44] No adaptation psycho-education Psycho-education involving Group Outpatient Caregivers 12
2 introductory and 10 interventional
2 months Lecture, group discussion, question and answer methods, and demonstrations Not reported