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Table 6 Generalised linear model univariate analysis: association of major depressive disorder and adherence to antiretroviral therapy with the overall quality of life after adjusting for socio-demographic and clinical factors among people living with HIV/AIDS in Felege-Hiwot Referral Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia, N = 391

From: Major depressive disorder and its association with adherence to antiretroviral therapy and quality of life: cross-sectional survey of people living with HIV/AIDS in Northwest Ethiopia

Covariates Mean (SD) Adjusted linear regression
Coefficient 95%CI P value
Major depressive disorder No 3.99 (0.33) Reference Reference  
Yes 3.59 (0.47) −0.06 0.89, 0.99 0.047
Adherence to ART High adherence 3.86 (0.40) Reference   
Low adherence 3.73 (0.46) −0.03 0.93, 1.02 0.277
MDD*Adherence to ART    0.01 0.94, 1.07 0.866
  1. NOTE: All variables associated with overall QoL at > 0.05 were controlled for in this model (age, marital status, educational status, employment status, antiretroviral therapy (ART) regimen, CD4 count, duration of ART treatment, perceived social support and functional disability). ART: antiretroviral therapy