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Table 2 Themes and sub-themes

From: Helping people with psychosis to expand their social networks: the stakeholders’ views

Finding and training the right staff memberStaff member with the right skills and attributes
Should be able to work with resistance
Should encourage client-practitioner rapport
Should build confidence
Should improve social skills
Support for staff
Discussing negative social attitudes and a patients’ previous negative experiencesNegative experience with services
Negative experiences with socialising
Limited sense of community
Addressing personal ambivalenceNot wanting more social contacts
Symptoms/nature of condition
Lack of motivation
Functional avoidance
Lack of social skills
Socialising as generally difficult
Establishing how best to provide information about social activitiesAccessible information
Discussions around the information provided
Manageable activities
Learning from past experience
Builds on patient interests
Facilitating access to social activitiesCost
Physical disabilities
Lack of available activities
Access to information
Striking a balance between support and independenceSupporting with pragmatics
Encourage independence
Providing the right kind of support
Involve carers