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Table 3 Schedule of assessments

From: Clinical and cost effectiveness of a parent mediated intervention to reduce challenging behaviour in pre-schoolers with moderate to severe intellectual disability (EPICC-ID) study protocol: a multi-centre, parallel-group randomised controlled trial

Visit no 1 2 3 4
Tasks Screening Baseline assessment* 4 month follow-up 12 month follow-up
Allowed deviation window n/a +/ week +/− 4 weeks +/−  4 weeks
Informed consent (screening) x    
Assessment of eligibility criteria x x   
Adaptive Behaviour Assessment Schedule (< 69) x    
Research assessments minimum 1 week, maximum 4 weeks after screening)
 Informed consent (research)   x   
 Mullen Scales of Early Learning   x   
 CRF   x   
 Preschool CBCL   x x x
 Parent-child observation and FOS-RIII   x x x
 C-TRF   x x x
 GHQ-12   x x x
 QRS-F short form   x x x
 Caregiving Problem Checklist-Difficult Child Behaviour scale   x x x
 PSOC   x x x
 CA-SUS   x x x
 Client Satisfaction Questionnaire    x  
 Peds-QL   x x x
 EQ-5D   x x x
  1. *: at baseline, all assessments will be carried out prior to randomisation