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Table 1 Characteristics of the ERP+ and ERP- Groups

From: Maternal antenatal anxiety and electrophysiological functioning amongst a sub-set of preschoolers participating in the GUSTO cohort

Continuous Variables
 ERP+ GroupERP- Group  
 MeanSDMeanSDDFT or F Statistic
Maternal Age31.485.2330.825.134770.10
Child Age in Days1264.8530.011256.7027.934772.24*
Household Income Category4.01.073.631.104462.53*
Maternal Education Category3.190.893.010.924701.48
Maternal Antenatal Anxiety31.799.1335.4710.014572.81**
Maternal Antenatal Depression6.803.747.914.394651.98*
Maternal Postnatal Anxiety6.305.396.584.68348−0.77
Maternal Postnatal Depression33.349.8934.419.81344−0.42
% Correct Pre-Switch79.3127.8176.3020.521020.56
% Correct Post-Switch79.2528.6973.5118.341021.05
Correct Reaction Time Pre Switch1786.49722.352109.21942.291021.92
Correct Reaction Time Post Switch1957.15510.152068.13628.061020.96,
Categorical Variables
 ERP+ GroupERP-Group  
 Females (%)Males (%)Females (%)Males (%)DFχ2
Gender29(41%)42(59%)191 (47%)217(53%)1.87
 ERP+ GroupERP-GroupDFχ2
EthnicityChinese (%)Malay (%)Indian (%)Chinese (%)Malay (%)Indian (%)  
  1. Ethnicity data was not available for 1 ERP+ and 7 ERP- dyads. Ethnicity descriptives and statistics do not include these missing cases
  2. **p < .01, *p < .05, p < .10