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Table 1 Sample descriptives (n = 829)

From: Expressions of masculinity and associations with suicidal ideation among young males

Indigenous Australian Identity
 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander253.0
Parents’ Country of Birth
 Both born in Australia55466.8
 One or both born elsewhere27533.2
Area disadvantage
 Quintile 1 (Most disadvantaged)14217.1
 Quintile 213015.7
 Quintile 318422.2
 Quintile 417120.6
 Quintile 5 (Least disadvantaged)20224.4
 MeanStandard Deviation
Conformity to Masculine Norms
 Pursuit of Status3.501.12
 Emotional Control3.281.43
 Heterosexual Presentation3.411.74
 Power over Women1.101.05
 Primacy of Work2.991.29
 Risk Taking3.021.32
 Total Score29.135.87
12 Month Suicidal Ideation, Wave 2