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Table 1 Studies assessing the mediating role of sleep, problematic internet use (PIU), problematic gaming, and psychological symptoms

From: The link between problematic internet use, problematic gaming, and psychological distress: does sleep quality matter?

First author, year Country Participants Predictor variable Mediator Outcome variable
Li, 2019 [27] United States Adolescents Social messaging Web surfingTV/movie watching Gaming Problems falling alseep;Problems staying asleep;Weekday sleep duration Depressive symptoms
Bhandari, 2017 [28] Nepal Undergraduatestudents Sleep quality Internet addiction Depressive symptoms
Internet addiction Sleep quality Depressive symptoms
An, 2014 [29] China Adolescents PIU Sleep quality Psychological symptoms
Tan, 2016 [30] China Adolescents PIU Depressive symptoms Sleep disturbance
Depressive symptoms PIU Sleep disturbance
Guo, 2018 [31] China Adolescents PIU Sleep disturbance Suicidal behavior
Suicidal behavior Sleep disturbance PIU
Lemola, 2015 [32] Switzerland Adolescents Electronic media use before bed Sleep duration Sleep difficulties Depressive symptoms
Guerrero, 2019 [33] United States Children Screen time (i.e. playing video games) Sleep duration Emotional/behavioralproblems