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Table 3 Preferences for pre-COVID-19 or Current Format by Treatment Modality Group (Statistical Tests: Face-to-Face vs. Telepsychiatry Combined)

From: Treatment provision for adults with ADHD during the COVID-19 pandemic: an exploratory study on patient and therapist experience with on-site sessions using face masks vs. telepsychiatric sessions

(n = 29)
(n = 11)
(n = 20)
p (Cohen’s d)
Pre-COVID-19 sessions vs current session     .917 (0.14)
 pre-COVID-19 better 37.9% 27.3% 45.0%  
 no difference 55.2% 72.7% 50.0%  
 current better 6.9% 0.0% 5.0%  
  1. Note: For the Fisher’s exact test, the face-to-face was compared to the collapsed telepsychiatry groups (telephone and videoconferencing) because of the small sample size of the videoconferencing group