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Table 1 Synthesis of items covered in the audit grid and expected type of response

From: Organisation and timeline of measures in French psychiatric establishments during the first wave of the COVID-19 epidemic: EvOlu’Psy study

Items Type of response
Profile of the individuals audited
 Function of the person interviewed Open
 Membership in the crisis management group Closed yes/no
 Function in the crisis management group Open
Impact of the first wave of COVID-19
 Number of patients with COVID-19 at or after admission during the first wave (March to early May 2020) Categorical (0; [0–20[; [20–50[; 50 or more)
 Number of staff members with COVID-19 during the first wave (March to early May 2020) Continuous
 Number of deaths due to COVID-19 Continuous
Planning and coordination of crisis management
 Activation of the crisis plan (“plan blanc”) and of the crisis management group Date
 A territorial partnership in mental health set up with a for-profit private, public, or private non-profit establishment Closed yes/no
 Bed management system set up Closed yes/no
 Availability of medical equipment at the start of the epidemic: blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, thermometers, semiautomatic defibrillator, suction aspirators, oxygen bottles, special steps taken to increase the stock of this equipment Closed yes/no
 Real-time inventory management system for personal protective equipment set up Closed yes/no
 Presence of occupational physician in the crisis management group Categorical (Never/Rarely/Often/Very often/ Always)
 Presence of staff representatives in the crisis management group Closed yes/no
 Frequency of information to staff representatives Categorical (Never/Rarely/Often/Very often/ Always)
 Frequency of information to user/patient representative Categorical (in real time/daily/twice a week/ once a week/every two weeks/less often)
 In a research study about COVID-19 Closed yes/no
Specific measures related to the management of patients in psychiatry departments and their families
 Reduction/adaptation of activity during lockdown period: full-time hospitalisation, day hospitalisation, outpatient consultations, CATTP activities, activity therapy, psychosocial rehabilitation activity, home care/visits Categorical (Completely maintained/ Partially maintained/Closed/ Not concerned)
 Specific activities initiated in-person consultations with adherence to barrier measures, telepsychiatry (video conferencing), telephone consultation, home visits with barrier measures Closed yes/no
 Maintenance of some activities that are part of psychiatric support: psychological follow-up, social support Closed yes/no
 Update of provisions to ensure the rights of patients, freedom of movement, protection of the dignity of hospitalised persons, organisation of hearings in front of the judge deciding on the liberty or detention of patients hospitalized without their consent, continuity of follow-up of patients obliged or mandated to attend psychiatric care Closed yes/no
Categorical (in person/videoconference/ judge decides alone, based on their own file, /other (specify)/not concerned)
 Staff assigned for in-person or telephone availability for patient follow-up Closed yes/no
 Formalisation of a list of drugs at special risk with COVID-19 Closed yes/no
 specific procedures for – food services, − laundry, − mail, − patient transport, Closed yes/no
 Establishment officially listed as admitting COVID-19/ opening of units exclusively for COVID-19 Closed yes/no
 Formal official protocol for operation of COVID-19 units opened Closed yes/no
 Distribution of written instructions to patients to explain the barrier measures Closed yes/no
 "Listening services” for patients and their families Closed yes/no
 Maintenance of in-person family/friend visits and establishment of alternative means of communication Closed yes/no
 Remote follow-up for carers Closed yes/no
 Innovative arrangements Closed yes/no, details
Hospital hygiene and epidemic control measurement
 Designation of an expert responsible for infection vigilance Categorical (designated before the epidemic/ designated during the epidemic/not designated)
 Advice sought from the EOH Closed yes/no
 Shortages of medical equipment Categorical (surgical mask, FFP2 masks, gloves, smocks, detergents, disinfectant, disinfectant wipes, other) then closed yes/no
 Systematic screening for signs suggestive of COVID-19 by a somatic physician at patient admission Closed yes/no
 Systematic testing for COVID-19 at admission Closed yes/no
 Established a specific procedure for patients with confirmed or suspected COVID Closed yes/no
 Screening at admission and specific follow-up of patients with risk factors for severe COVID-19 Closed yes/no // open (frequency)
 Dedicated channel of care for the persons at risk Closed yes/no
 Specific programme to educate patients about barrier measures and social distancing Closed yes/no // Categorical (< 10; [10–50[; [50–100[; [100–250[; [250–500[; >  500)
 Specific training for professionals about additional precautions beyond hospital hygiene in the management of patients with COVID-19 Closed yes/no // Categorical (< 10; [10–50[; [50–100[; [100–250[; [250–500[; >  500)
 Training some staff members to take nasopharyngeal samples for RT-PCR testing Closed yes/no
 Procedure for specific follow-up of risk of infection among staff (monitoring symptoms, seeing the occupational physician, nasopharyngeal tests, etc.) Closed yes/no
 Procedure for the management of persons who died with COVID-19 Closed yes/no
Human resource management
 Staff attendance chart, and chart of persons who can be called on if needed Closed yes/no
 human resources management enabling psychological care for staff (QoL at work plan), − telephone listening services for care providers Closed yes/no // open
 Organisational models to support and protect the health care staff and enable flexibility in staffing Closed yes/no
 Work at home (telecommuting) for some occupational categories Open (type of category), Categorical ([0–25%[; [25–50%[; [50–75%[; [75–100%]
 Study of the potential financial impact Closed yes/no