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Table 1 BWW Components

From: Developing an explanatory theoretical model for engagement with a web-based mental health platform: results of a mixed methods study

Component Description Goal of Component
Useful Stuff Pages Self-directed educational tools on various mental health topics structured in 4 stages of well-being:
a) Self-assessment
b) Understanding more
c) Moving forward
d) Building skills
(examples include: depression, anxiety, trauma)
The Useful Stuff Pages provide information on mental health conditions and interventions.
Bricks Artistic self-expression on a visual representation of a “brick” that becomes part of the community wall The community wall is a space for users to post self-expression statements through the creation of artistic bricks.
Brick Comments Comments posted by a user about one’s own brick or in response to another brick in the wall Users can comment on each other’s bricks as a means to find community.
Guided Support Courses Self-initiated with educational material and suggested activities The Guided Support Courses are based on principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and behavior change.
Peer Community User initiated discussions in the form of:
a) Personal “talkabouts” (1:1 conversation with a Wall Guide or another BWW user)
b) Community “talkabouts” (posting in a community conversation with other BWW users and Wall Guides)
c) Group “talkabouts” (posts within groups of users taking the same guided support course)
Moderated and personal group “talkabouts” allow users to converse with wall guides and peers regarding their mental health concerns and experiences.