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Table 2 Most frequent interventions

From: Effectiveness of usual-care cognitive-behavioral therapy for adolescents with depressive disorders rated by parents and patients – an observational study

Intervention Percentage of the sample (n = 331)
Patient-focused interventions in total 99.7
 Psychoeducation and cognitive methods 99.1
 Token economy 76.4
 Social skills training 72.2
Parent−/ family-focused interventions in total 92.7
 Psychoeducation and cognitive methods 91.5
 Guidance to implement token economy at home 60.7
 Methods to enhance the relationship between parents and children/adolescents 52.0
School-focused interventions in total 24.5
 Psychoeducation and cognitive methods 22.1
 Guidance to implement token economy at school 10.3
 Methods to enhance the relationship between teacher and children/adolescents 3.3
Socio-therapeutic interventions in total 33.2
 Counseling from social workers 20.2
 Social-educational family support 11.5
Medication in total 24.8
 SSRI 12.4
 Other antidepressants 4.8
 Psychostimulants 4.2