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Table 1 Program activities August 2019-February 2020a

From: Delivering collaborative mental health care within supportive housing: implementation evaluation of a community-hospital partnership

Activity Median number per month (IQR)
Days on-site per month 3 (3-3.5)
Case conferences 7 (4.5-7.5)
Direct consultations with tenants 2 (1-2)
Psychoeducation sessions for tenantsb 1 (0.25-1)
Teaching sessions for staffc 1 (1-1)
  1. aDocumentation started in August 2019 once ethics approvals were in place, and ended in February as March-April were during the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. bTopics: Meet and greet, Mental wellness, Seasonal Affective Disorder
  3. cTopics: Boundaries, risk assessment, case conferencing, personality disorders 1 &2, psychopharmacology, substance use disorders