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Table 2 Samples of interview guide

From: The experience of participating in an internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy program among patients with cardiovascular disease and depression: a qualitative interview study

Interview guide
You have been in contact with the health service and been treated for your heart disease. In conjunction with this, you have also been treated for depression using our online CBT program.
Q1- Talk a little about your heart disease
You have been given the opportunity to participate in an online CBT program, the aim of which was to manage and reduce depression in conjunction with heart disease.
Q2- What are your experiences from your participation in this program?
a What have the different treatment modules meant to you?
b What have the homework tasks meant to you?
c What has the therapist’s feedback meant to you?
d What are or have been important in getting you to work on changes to your health?
Q3- What are or have been the advantages and disadvantages of the program being delivered online rather than through meetings in person?
a Have you felt there are any problems with the program or the treatment?
Q4- Why did you become interested in participating in this research project?
a What were your thoughts and what was important to you when you decided you wanted to participate in the project?
In the future, this or similar online programs may be introduced into the health service as part of treatment.
Q5- On the basis of your experiences of online CBT, what do you believe is important?
Total number of main questions represents the overall format.
  1. CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  2. All interviews were conducted in the participant’s native language. The interview guide is translated into English for presentation purposes