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Table 7 Description of the categories of adverse childhood experiences

From: The role of self-reported stressors in recovery from Exhaustion Disorder: a longitudinal study

Category Description
Social/psychological problems in family Psychiatric disorders, addiction, or severe financial issues among members of the household. Witnessing violence between family members
Separation/conflicts between parents Intense conflicts or separation/divorce between parents
Bullying Being bullied by peers
School problems Problems managing school, having to retake a year or not graduating
Physical abuse Being physically abused by parents or other family members
Early separation from parent Being separated from parents due to foster care placement, being placed in the care of a relative, the parent dying, or other reasons
Psychological abuse Being verbally abused by parents/other family members or reporting distress due to their unpredictable and/or explosive temper
Emotional neglect Not getting emotional needs met during childhood, for example describing parents as cold, not getting affection, or having to be self-reliant at an early age
Sexual abuse Being sexually abused or subject to inappropriate sexual conduct