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  1. This study examines the effectiveness of the culturally adapted Dutch version of The Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS®), utilizing a randomized control trial (RCT) with an a...

    Authors: Sakinah Idris, Bjorn Jaime van Pelt, Gabrine Jagersma, Jorieke Duvekot, Athanasios Maras, Jan van der Ende, Neeltje van Haren and Kirstin Greaves-Lord
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:293
  2. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is associated with poor educational outcomes that can have long-term negative effects on the mental health, wellbeing, and socio-economic outcomes of university ...

    Authors: Jane A. Sedgwick-Müller, Ulrich Müller-Sedgwick, Marios Adamou, Marco Catani, Rebecca Champ, Gísli Gudjónsson, Dietmar Hank, Mark Pitts, Susan Young and Philip Asherson
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:292
  3. Pursuing a healthy diet is not a dysfunctional behavior, but dieting could be an important etiological factor for Orthorexia Nervosa (ON). The aim of this study was to investigate the role of diet in groups wi...

    Authors: C. Novara, S. Mattioli, S. Piasentin, S. Pardini and E. Maggio
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:290
  4. History of exposure to traumatic events (ETE) is common among women in substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and is related to craving. We examined whether ETE (i.e., emotional, physical, sexual abuse) in chi...

    Authors: Gladys E. Ibañez, Mariana Sanchez, Karina Villalba and Hortensia Amaro
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:287
  5. The use of standard screening methods could improve the detection rate of unhealthy alcohol use in patients admitted to psychiatric acute and emergency departments. The aim of the present study was to investig...

    Authors: Trine Finanger, Arne Einar Vaaler, Olav Spigset, Trond Oskar Aamo, Trine Naalsund Andreassen, Rolf Wilhelm Gråwe and Ragnhild Bergene Skråstad
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:286
  6. The COVID-19 pandemic had brought the increased levels of depression and anxiety on people. Our study investigated the levels of mental health and influencing factors among back-to-Wuhan university students.

    Authors: Qian Wu, Lijun Zhuo, Hao Li, Ling Zheng, Guoqing Ma and Hongbing Tao
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:284
  7. Depression is under-recognized in Black men, who are less likely to seek or have access to psychiatric treatment. Resistance training (RT; i.e., weight lifting) can improve depressive symptoms and may be more ...

    Authors: Joseph T. Ciccolo, Mark E. Louie, Nicholas J. SantaBarbara, Christopher T. Webster, James W. Whitworth, Sanaz Nosrat, Michelle Chrastek, Shira I. Dunsiger, Michael P. Carey and Andrew M. Busch
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:283
  8. The continuous performance task (CPT) may help identify coexistent attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The Quantified behavior Test (QbTest) combines a CPT and mo...

    Authors: Dejan Stevanovic, Elisabet Wentz, Salmir Nasic and Rajna Knez
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:282
  9. Despite Auditory Verbal Hallucinations (AVHs) having been long associated with mental illness, they represent a common experience also in the non-clinical population, yet do not exhibit distress or need for ca...

    Authors: E. Volpato, C. Cavalera, G. Castelnuovo, E. Molinari and F. Pagnini
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:281
  10. The Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist (PCL-5) is the most widely used screening tool in assessing posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorder...

    Authors: Md. Saiful Islam, Most. Zannatul Ferdous, Md. Safaet Hossain Sujan, Rafia Tasnim, Jakir Hossain Bhuiyan Masud, Sourav Kundu, Abu Syed Md. Mosaddek, M. Shahabuddin K. Choudhuri, Ibrahim A. Kira and David Gozal
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:280
  11. It is yet unknown if the whole-brain resting-state network is altered in multiple system atrophy with symptoms of depression. This study aimed to investigate if and how depression symptoms in multiple system a...

    Authors: Hua Guang Yang, Weiyin Vivian Liu, Zhi Wen, Lan Hua Hu, Guo Guang Fan and Yun Fei Zha
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:279
  12. Depression and sarcopenia are common diseases in the elderly population. However, the association between them is controversial. Based on the Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey (CLHLS) database, a c...

    Authors: Jian-Yu Tan, Qing-Lian Zeng, Meng Ni, Ying-Xiao Zhang and Tian Qiu
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:278
  13. The objective of the study is to explore the long-term effectiveness and tolerability of metoclopramide in the treatment of CIH.

    Authors: Cecilia Livermore, Hannah White, Loren Bailey, Ian Osborne, Ebenezer Oloyede, Olubanke Dzahini and Eromona Whiskey
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:277
  14. Alexithymia, which is characterized by difficulty identifying and describing feelings, is a stable personality trait and it has been associated with early life experiences. Methamphetamine dependence patients ...

    Authors: Cui Huang, Qiuyu Yuan, Shengya Shi, Menglin Ge, Xuanlian Sheng, Meng Yang, Ling Zhang, Lei Wang, Kai Zhang and Xiaoqin Zhou
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:276
  15. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes in society and family life, which could be particularly difficult for parents. The present study examines the relationship between youth mental health and ...

    Authors: Yashuang Bai, Xiaohan Liu, Bo Zhang, Mingqi Fu, Ning Huang, Qitu Hu and Jing Guo
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:275
  16. Mood disorder, impulsivity and aggression are common in drug users compared to healthy controls. However, no study has focused on the difference in various types of drug users. Therefore, the objective of this...

    Authors: Dan Luo, Lu Tan, Danlin Shen, Zhe Gao, LiangMing Yu, Mingfeng Lai, Jiajun Xu and Jing Li
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:274
  17. Psychological distress is common among medical trainees. This study aimed to assess the frequency of depression, anxiety and burnout among physician residents and their association with both individual and res...

    Authors: Mário Luciano de Mélo Silva Júnior, Marcelo Moraes Valença and Pedro Augusto Sampaio Rocha-Filho
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:272
  18. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was more common in children who had suffered physical trauma than in adults. Despite its prevalence, the prevalence and factors associated with PTSD in pediatric patients ...

    Authors: Tadesse Tarik Tamir, Selam Fisiha Kassa and Daniel Ayelegne Gebeyehu
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:271
  19. Our aim was to describe a broad number of subthreshold psychiatric symptoms (SPS) in a nationally representative population and evaluate associations with substance use. SPS describe groups of symptoms with si...

    Authors: Jeremy C. S. Johnson, Gerard J. Byrne and Anita M. Pelecanos
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:270
  20. Emotion regulation (ER) is a key process underlying posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), yet, little is known about how ER changes with PTSD treatment. Understanding these effects may shed light on treatment ...

    Authors: Danielle C. Mathersul, Kamini Dixit, R. Jay Schulz-Heik, Timothy J. Avery, Jamie M. Zeitzer and Peter J. Bayley
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:268
  21. Chronic insomnia disorder (CI) is a prevalent sleep disorder that can lead to disturbed daytime functioning and is closely associated with anxiety and depression. First-choice treatment is cognitive behavioral...

    Authors: Denis Turmel, Sarah Carlier, Anne Violette Bruyneel and Marie Bruyneel
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:267
  22. Crisis resolution team (CRT) care in adult mental health services is intended to provide accessible and flexible short-term, intensive crisis intervention to service users experiencing a mental health crisis a...

    Authors: Nina Hasselberg, Trude Gøril Klevan, Bente Weimand, Gunn-Marit Uverud, Katrine Høyer Holgersen, Johan Siqveland and Torleif Ruud
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:266
  23. Despite anxiety disorders being the ninth leading cause of disability and associated with social inequities, little attention has been given to how intersections among social determinants of health and chronic...

    Authors: Kelly Scott-Storey, Sue O’Donnell, David Busolo, Enrico DiTommaso, Jeannie Malcolm, Petrea Taylor, Charlene D. Vincent and Judith Wuest
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:265
  24. Lifestyle interventions for severe mental illness (SMI) are known to have small to modest effect on physical health outcomes. Little attention has been given to patient-reported outcomes (PROs).

    Authors: Laura M. Pape, Marcel C. Adriaanse, Jelle Kol, Annemieke van Straten and Berno van Meijel
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:261
  25. The growing popularity and frequency of online game use have resulted in a large number of studies reporting various mental problems associated with game abuse in adolescents. In this article, we examined the ...

    Authors: Qiaoyue Wei, Shengjie Zhang, Yuli Pan, Hong Hu, Fenglan Chen, Wenwen Yin, Qinghong Lin, Shuibo Pan, Chingyuan Tham and Junduan Wu
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:260
  26. Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is common among children and adolescents who have experienced traumatic events. Exposure therapy (ET) has been shown to be effective in treating PTSD in adults. However, it...

    Authors: Tengyue Huang, Haomiao Li, Shiyu Tan, Siyu Xie, Qisheng Cheng, Yajie Xiang and Xinyu Zhou
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:259
  27. The effect of depressive symptoms on hip fracture (HF) and falls among the Chinese population is unclear. This study aims to examine the prospective association between depressive symptoms and HF as well as fa...

    Authors: Chunsu Zhu, Hongyu Yu, Zhiwei Lian and Jianmin Wang
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:258
  28. The aging population is expected to reach 2 billion by 2050, but the impact of somatic symptom disorder (SSD) on the elderly has been insufficiently addressed. We aimed to clarify the prevalence of SSD in Chin...

    Authors: Yani Wu, Zhengyu Tao, Yongxia Qiao, Yezi Chai, Qiming Liu, Qifan Lu, Hongmei Zhou, Shiguang Li, Jialiang Mao, Meng Jiang and Jun Pu
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:257
  29. Delivery of recovery-oriented mental health practice is fundamental to personal recovery. Yet, there is lack of service users’ accounts on what constitutes mental health recovery in Egypt.

    Authors: Nashwa Ibrahim, Fiona Ng, Abeer Selim, Eman Ghallab, Amira Ali and Mike Slade
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:255
  30. Mental disorders are responsible for 16% of the global burden of disease in adolescents. This review focuses on one contextual factor called community violence that can contribute to the development of mental ...

    Authors: Claudia Reis Miliauskas, Daniela Porto Faus, Valéria Lima da Cruz, João Gabriel Rega do Nascimento Vallaperde, Washington Junger and Claudia Souza Lopes
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:253
  31. This study examined the profiles and correlates of psychological trauma, compliance with preventative measures, vaccine acceptance and participation in voluntary testing during the novel coronavirus disease 20...

    Authors: Yuan Cao, Judy Yuen-man Siu, Daniel T. L. Shek and David H. K. Shum
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:252
  32. National clinical guidelines emphasise the need for good communication of information by clinicians to young people and their parent/carers about what to expect during transition into adult services. Recent re...

    Authors: Anna Price, Siobhan Mitchell, Astrid Janssens, Helen Eke, Tamsin Ford and Tamsin Newlove-Delgado
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:251
  33. Long-acting injectable (LAI) antipsychotics use is associated with improved adherence which can reduce the rate of relapse, hospitalization, and associated costs in patients with schizophrenia. Young adults co...

    Authors: Alex Z. Fu, Jacqueline A. Pesa, Susan Lakey and Carmela Benson
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:250
  34. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) has received empirical support as a viable treatment alternative for treatment-resistant major depressive disorder. Nevertheless, patients and the public-at-...

    Authors: Amanda S. Morrison, Andero Uusberg, Julia Ryan, Amit Goldenberg, Amit Etkin and James J. Gross
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:249
  35. Inflammation and immune status are correlated with the severity of major depressive disorder (MDD).The purpose of this study was to establish an optimization model of peripheral blood parameters to predict the...

    Authors: Dechun Zhou, Hongfeng Yu, Hongfeng Yao, Shijin Yuan, Yan Xia, Lei Huang, Yuedi Shen, Jun Zhang and Wei Chen
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:248
  36. Intensive case management (ICM) programmes for psychotic patients are effective in improving outcomes, but often unfeasible in resource-poor settings, as they typically require extensive human resources and ex...

    Authors: Tawanchai Jirapramukpitak, Kankamol Jaisin, Suttha Supanya and Patcharapim Takizawa
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:247
  37. Depression among older adults is an important public health concern associated with increased risk of suicide and decreased physical, cognitive, and social functioning. This study identified trajectories of de...

    Authors: Jinhee Shin and Eunhee Cho
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:246
  38. Health literacy (HL) has been defined as the ability of individuals to access, understand, and utilise basic health information. HL is crucial to patient engagement in treatment through supporting patient auto...

    Authors: Sumana Thomson, Cherrie Galletly, Christopher Prener, Suzanne Garverich, Dennis Liu and Alisa Lincoln
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:245
  39. Doctors report high rates of workplace stress and are at increased risk of mental health disorders. However, there are few real-world studies evaluating the effectiveness of interventions aimed at addressing w...

    Authors: Katherine Petrie, Kelly Stanton, Aneesha Gill, Jennifer Simmons and Samuel B. Harvey
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:244
  40. Depression is highly prevalent in nursing home residents living with moderate to severe dementia. However, assessing depressive symptoms in residents with dementia can be challenging and may vary by rater pers...

    Authors: Julie L. O’Sullivan, Roxana Schweighart, Sonia Lech, Eva-Marie Kessler, Christina Tegeler, Andrea Teti, Johanna Nordheim and Paul Gellert
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:241
  41. Inte.G.R.O. is a standardized Salutogenic-Psychoeducational intervention designed to help people with severe mental illness manage their life-stress and achieve personal recovery goals through the improvement ...

    Authors: Franco Veltro, Gianmarco Latte, Irene Pontarelli, Cristina Pontarelli, Ilenia Nicchiniello and Lilia Zappone
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2022 22:240

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