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  1. During the COVID 19 pandemic, there were social restrictions with severe mental stress for a long time. Most studies on mental health consequences of the pandemic focused primarily on the beginning of the pand...

    Authors: Josefine Rothe, Greta Brückner, Melanie Ring, Veit Roessner, Nicole Wolff and Nora C. Vetter
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:114
  2. Psychotic symptoms may be less common than anxiety or affective symptoms, but they are still frequent and typically highly debilitating. Community members can have a role in helping to identify, offer initial ...

    Authors: Martín Agrest, Thamara Tapia-Munoz, Esteban Encina-Zúñiga, Isidora Vidal-Zamora, Norma Geffner, Sara Ardila-Gómez, Rubén Alvarado, Eduardo A. Leiderman and Nicola Reavley
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:113
  3. Although the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications have been associated with mental health services utilization and medication consumption, there is no longitudinal study on the long-term impact on ADHD medic...

    Authors: Sophie Gimbach, Daniel Vogel, Roland Fried, Stephen V. Faraone, Tobias Banaschewski, Jan Buitelaar, Manfred Döpfner and Richard Ammer
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:112
  4. Olfactory disorders in COVID-19 impact quality of life and may lead to psychological impairments. Prevalence ranges from 8 to 85%, persisting in about 30% of cases. This study aimed to evaluate the 6-month pos...

    Authors: Louise-Emilie Dumas, Clair Vandersteen, Victoria Metelkina-Fernandez, Auriane Gros, Philippe Auby and Florence Askenazy-Gittard
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:111
  5. Studies examining whether diet sugar intake increases the risk of depression have produced inconsistent results. Therefore, we investigated this relationship, using the US’ National Health and Nutrition Examin...

    Authors: Lu Zhang, Haiyang Sun, Zihui Liu, Jiguo Yang and Yuanxiang Liu
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:110
  6. In recent years, accelerated transcranial magnetic stimulation (aTMS) has been developed, which has a shortened treatment period. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and long-term maintenance ef...

    Authors: Ruifeng Shi, Zuxing Wang, Dong Yang, Yujie Hu, Zhongyang Zhang, Daotao Lan, Yihan Su and Yunqiong Wang
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:109
  7. Given that antipsychotic medication is a cornerstone for treating and preventing relapse in people with schizophrenia, non-adherence has been indicated as a big challenge. This study aimed to assess antipsycho...

    Authors: Fethia Mohammed, Biftu Geda, Tesfaye Assebe Yadeta and Yadeta Dessie
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:108
  8. Nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) is highly prevalent in adolescents. In survey and interview studies assessing NSSI, methods of assessment have been shown to influence prevalence estimates. However, knowledge of...

    Authors: Erik Aspeqvist, Hedvig Andersson, Laura Korhonen, Örjan Dahlström and Maria Zetterqvist
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:107
  9. Suicide is the leading cause of death in mothers postpartum and one of the most common causes of death during pregnancy. Mental health professionals who work in perinatal services can offer insights into the f...

    Authors: Holly E. Reid, Dawn Edge, Daniel Pratt and Anja Wittkowski
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:106
  10. Post COVID-19 syndrome, also known as "Long COVID," is a complex and multifaceted condition that affects individuals who have recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection. This systematic review and meta-analysis aim t...

    Authors: Niloofar Seighali, Abolfazl Abdollahi, Arman Shafiee, Mohammad Javad Amini, Mohammad Mobin Teymouri Athar, Omid Safari, Parsa Faghfouri, Alireza Eskandari, Omid Rostaii, Amir Hossein Salehi, Hedieh Soltani, Mahsa Hosseini, Faeze Soltani Abhari, Mohammad Reza Maghsoudi, Bahar Jahanbakhshi and Mahmood Bakhtiyari
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:105
  11. Mental health rehabilitation services provide specialist treatment to people with particularly severe and complex problems. In 2018, the Care Quality Commission reported that over half the 4,400 mental health ...

    Authors: Helen Killaspy, Christian Dalton-Locke, Caroline S Clarke, Gerard Leavey, Artemis Igoumenou, Maurice Arbuthnott, Katherine Barrett and Rumana Omar
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:104
  12. Legislators often want to positively affect psychiatric inpatient care and reduce coercion by a stricter judicial regulation. However, staff experiences and comprehension of such legal changes are largely unkn...

    Authors: Astrid Moell, Alexander Rozental, Susanne Buchmayer, Riittakerttu Kaltiala and Niklas Långström
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:102
  13. Long-term stress causing altered hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis dynamics with cortisol dysfunction may be involved in the pathophysiology of functional somatic disorders (FSD), but studies on adoles...

    Authors: Rebecca Nyengaard, Karen Hansen Kallesøe, Martin Køster Rimvall, Eva Ørnbøl, Kaare Bro Wellnitz, Else Marie Olsen, Vegard Bruun Bratholm Wyller and Charlotte Ulrikka Rask
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:101
  14. Patient-centered health care for patients with pulmonary hypertension (PH) is important and requires an understanding of patient experiences. However, there is a lack of approaches to examine what's the effect...

    Authors: Juxia Zhang, Yiyin Zhang, Yuhuan Yin, Yuping Feng, Rong Zhang, Hongyan Meng and Jing Wang
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:100
  15. Observational studies and diagnostic criteria have indicated that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) frequently comorbid with various psychiatric disorders. Therefore, we conducted a Mendelian ran...

    Authors: Yanwei Guo, Junyao Li, Renqin Hu, Huirong Luo, Zheng Zhang, Jinglan Tan and Qinghua Luo
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:99
  16. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) has been associated with a broad range of health-related issues. Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as physical inactivity, an unhealthy diet, smoking, and alcohol consumption ...

    Authors: Anna Holmberg, Lina Martinsson, Matthias Lidin, Christian Rück, David Mataix-Cols and Lorena Fernández de la Cruz
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:98
  17. Early intervention in psychosis (EIP) supports people who are experiencing their first episode of psychosis (FEP). A new Model of Care (MoC) for EIP services was launched in Ireland in 2019. Three EIP demonstr...

    Authors: C. D. Darker, G. Nicolson, H. Reddon, K. O’Connor, R. Jennings and N. O’Connell
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:96
  18. Mental health disorders are common among people in prison, but their prevalence in the Scandinavian prison population remain unclear. In this multinational register study, we examined the prevalence of mental ...

    Authors: Anne Bukten, Suvi Virtanen, Morten Hesse, Zheng Chang, Timo Lehmann Kvamme, Birgitte Thylstrup, Torill Tverborgvik, Ingeborg Skjærvø and Marianne R. Stavseth
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:95
  19. Compared to men inmates, women display decreased prevalence of severe mental disorder but increased occurrence of substance use disorders (SUD) and higher rates of previous contacts with mental health services...

    Authors: Isabella D’Orta, Kerstin Weber, François R. Herrmann and Panteleimon Giannakopoulos
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:94
  20. It is known that cytokines play a role in both depression and anxiety. This study aimed to compare the levels of multiple cytokines in patients with first-episode drug-naive major depressive disorder (MDD) wit...

    Authors: Jun Liang, Yayun Xu, Wenfan Gao, Yanhong Sun, Yuanyuan Zhang, Feng Shan and Qingrong Xia
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:93
  21. Online therapies have been shown to be effective in improving students’ mental health. They are cost-effective and therefore have particular advantages in low-income countries like Zambia where mental health r...

    Authors: Joyce M. Ncheka, J. Anitha Menon, E Bethan Davies, Ravi Paul, Sidney O C Mwaba, John Mudenda, Heather Wharrad, Harsa Tak and Cris Glazebrook
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:92
  22. A lack of confidence in perinatal bereavement care (PBC) and the psychological trauma experienced by nurses and midwives during bereavement care leads to their strong need for sufficient organisational support...

    Authors: Jialu Qian, Gaoyan Wu, Cecilia Jevitt, Shiwen Sun, Man Wang, Xiangyu Sun and Xiaoyan Yu
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:90
  23. Although there are many scales that measure stigma, there is no scale with the necessary adequacy to measure stigma in the perinatal period. The study aims to develop the stigma scale for women with mental ill...

    Authors: Esra Sen, Esra Yazici, Elif Kose, Yavuz Selim Ogur and Ahmet Bulent Yazici
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:89
  24. Although the disturbance of circadian rhythms represents a significant clinical feature of major depressive disorder (MDD), the relationship between biological rhythm disturbances and the severity of suicidal ...

    Authors: Dan Liu, Min Zhang, Lei Ding, Jia Huang, Yun Wang, Yousong Su, Zheng Chen, Yiyun Cai, Shen He and Daihui Peng
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:87
  25. Much confusion exists between health-related QoL (HRQoL) scales and subjective QoL (SQoL) scales. One method to avoid confusion is use of a single question that asks What is your quality of life? or similar. This...

    Authors: Christine Migliorini, Carol Harvey, Cailan Hou, Shibin Wang, Fei Wang and Zhuo-Hui Huang
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:86
  26. Affected by various hurdles during COVID-19, preclinical medical students are at an elevated risk for mental health disturbances. However, the effects of modern mental health problems on preclinical medical st...

    Authors: Tjhin Wiguna, Valerie Josephine Dirjayanto, Zhahna Siti Maharani, Emir Gibraltar Faisal, Sylvie Dominic Teh and Erik Kinzie
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:85
  27. Major depressive disorder (MDD) is characterized by sadness and anhedonia, but also physical symptoms such as changes in appetite and weight. Gut microbiota has been hypothesized to be involved in MDD through ...

    Authors: Julie Kristine Knudsen, Caspar Bundgaard-Nielsen, Peter Leutscher, Simon Hjerrild, René Ernst Nielsen and Suzette Sørensen
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:84
  28. This study aimed to explore gender differences in associations between cognitive symptoms and suicidal ideation (SI) among patients with recurrent major depressive disorder (MDD).

    Authors: Ruizhi Mao, Chenglei Wang, Lvchun Cui, David Mellor, Zhiguo Wu and Yiru Fang
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:83
  29. Crisis resolution teams (CRTs) have become a part of mental health services in many high-income countries. Many studies have investigated the impact of CRTs on acute admissions to inpatient units, but very few...

    Authors: T. Ruud, N. Hasselberg, J. Siqveland and K. H. Holgersen
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:82
  30. Asenapine has unique orally-related side effects, such as a bitter taste induced by sublingual administration, which often results in discontinuation of the medication. While the FDA has approved black-cherry-...

    Authors: Shuhei Wada, Kunihiro Iwamoto, Hiroki Okumura, Hirotake Hida, Shuichi Hiraoka, Aya Kamei, Daisuke Mori, Kiyofumi Yamada, Masahiko Ando, Norio Ozaki and Masashi Ikeda
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:81
  31. There has been no previous study in Thailand regarding the incidence of lithium-induced abnormal renal function. Hence, this study aimed to assess the effect of lithium maintenance therapy on chronic kidney di...

    Authors: Jarurin Pitanupong, Chavisa Jittpratoom and Kanthee Anantapong
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:80
  32. Digital mental health interventions (DMHIs) may reduce treatment access issues for those experiencing depressive and/or anxiety symptoms. DMHIs that incorporate relational agents may offer unique ways to engage a...

    Authors: Emil Chiauzzi, Andre Williams, Timothy Y. Mariano, Sarah Pajarito, Athena Robinson, Andrew Kirvin-Quamme and Valerie Forman-Hoffman
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:79
  33. Emergence agitation (EA) after general anesthesia is common in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Due to the recent worldwide events such as the Covid-19 pandemic and wars, PTSD is not rare. ...

    Authors: Heba Ahmed Abdelaziz, Yomna E. Dean and Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Elshafie
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:78
  34. A significant number of individuals with alcohol use disorder remain unresponsive to currently available treatments, which calls for the development of new alternatives. In parallel, psilocybin-assisted therap...

    Authors: Laetitia Vanderijst, Felix Hever, Anne Buot, Charles Dauré, Janaïna Benoit, Catherine Hanak, Johannes Veeser, Margot Morgiève, Salvatore Campanella, Charles Kornreich, Luc Mallet, Christophe Leys and Xavier Noël
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:77
  35. Psychological distress is common in maintenance hemodialysis patients, and high psychological resilience can promote psychological well-being. The current research focuses on psychological resilience protectiv...

    Authors: Yuxin Wang, Yuan Qiu, Liya Ren, Hao Jiang, Meijia Chen and Chaoqun Dong
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:76
  36. Mental health disorders are a growing concern worldwide, with a significant impact on public health. Understanding attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help is essential in addressing these issu...

    Authors: Abouzar Nazari, Gholamreza Garmaroudi, Abbas Rahimi Foroushani and Azadeh Askari
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:75
  37. Global treatment budgets, i.e. predefined budgets for patients treated in hospital independent of the setting within the hospital, together with flexible and integrated treatment (FIT) have been introduced in ...

    Authors: Anne Neumann, Jochen Schmitt, Martin Seifert, Roman Kliemt, Stefanie March, Dennis Häckl, Enno Swart, Andrea Pfennig and Fabian Baum
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:74
  38. Psychosocial interventions such as psychoeducation are increasingly being used to treat adult ADHD, both as an alternative and as a supplement to pharmacotherapy. A thorough overview of the literature on psych...

    Authors: Henrik Pedersen, Tatiana Skliarova, Sindre Andre Pedersen, Rolf W. Gråwe, Audun Havnen and Mariela L. Lara-Cabrera
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:73
  39. Psychopathy has been described as “the first personality disorder to be recognized in psychiatry”. It has three core features: affective, interpersonal, and behavioral. The Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy (LS...

    Authors: Elias Ghossoub, Hala Itani, Rayah Touma Sawaya, Pia Maria Ghanime, Michele Cherro, Martine Elbejjani, Marc Barakat and Khalil El Asmar
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:72
  40. Digital tools have the capacity to complement and enhance clinical care for young people at risk of suicide. Despite the rapid rise of digital tools, their rate of integration into clinical practice remains lo...

    Authors: Eleanor Bailey, India Bellairs-Walsh, Nicola Reavley, Piers Gooding, Sarah Hetrick, Simon Rice, Alexandra Boland and Jo Robinson
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:71
  41. Children who experience chest discomfort, palpitations, vasovagal syncope, and underlying heart disease often present a complex clinical picture. Not only are they dealing with potential cardiac issues, but th...

    Authors: Yasemin Nuran Dönmez, Dilek Giray, Serdar Epcacan and Siddika Songül Yalçin
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:70
  42. Alterations in surface area (SA) in specific regions of the cortex have been reported in many individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), however, the genetic background between ASD and SA is still unclea...

    Authors: Xianjing Li, Miaomiao Jiang, Liyang Zhao, Kang Yang, Tianlan Lu, Dai Zhang, Jun Li and Lifang Wang
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:69
  43. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are widely used for the treatment of various mental disorders. Sexual dysfunction is one of the most common side effects of SSRIs, and often leads to poor adhere...

    Authors: Arman Alipour-Kivi, Negin Eissazade, Seyed Vahid Shariat, Razieh Salehian, Shiva Soraya, Sanaz Askari and Mohammadreza Shalbafan
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:67
  44. Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a common psychiatric disorder worldwide. Psychotic depression has been reported to be frequently under-diagnosed due to poor recognition of psychotic features. Therefore, the...

    Authors: Yuxuan Wu, Xueli Zhao, Zhe Li, Ruchang Yang, Ruijie Peng, Yue Zhou, Xingzhi Xia, Hanxu Deng, Xiaobin Zhang, Xiangdong Du and Xiangyang Zhang
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:66
  45. Delirium is prevalent in ischemic stroke patients, particularly those in the intensive care unit (ICU), and it poses a significant burden on patients and caregivers, leading to increased mortality rates, prolo...

    Authors: Hongtao Cheng, Simeng Song, Yonglan Tang, Shiqi Yuan, Xiaxuan Huang, Yitong Ling, Zichen Wang, Xiaoying Tian and Jun Lyu
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:65
  46. Based on social cognitive theory, this study aimed to examine whether and how social abilities (i.e., cognitive empathy and emotional empathy) are associated with gambling disorder (GD) by incorporating attitu...

    Authors: Hui Zhou and Anise M. S. Wu
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:63

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