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Table 4 Multivariate logistic analysis of factors associated with smartphone addiction in females

From: Gender differences in factors associated with smartphone addiction: a cross-sectional study among medical college students

  aOR (95% CI) p
Main function is multimedia applications (vs. main function is not multimedia applications) 2.22 (1.37-3.59) .001
Main function is social networking services (vs. main function is not social networking services) 2.63 (1.81-3.81) .000
Poor sleep quality (vs. good sleep quality) 2.12 (1.50-2.99) .000
Anxiety positive (vs. anxiety negative) 2.31 (1.18-4.51) .015
Depressive positive (vs. depressive negative) 1.84 (1.21-2.79) .004
  1. Notes: aOR Adjusted Odds Ratio, CI Confidence Interval. Multivariate binary logistic regression model adjusted for age, residential, and monthly cost