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  1. Global treatment budgets, i.e. predefined budgets for patients treated in hospital independent of the setting within the hospital, together with flexible and integrated treatment (FIT) have been introduced in ...

    Authors: Anne Neumann, Jochen Schmitt, Martin Seifert, Roman Kliemt, Stefanie March, Dennis Häckl, Enno Swart, Andrea Pfennig and Fabian Baum
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:74
  2. Psychosocial interventions such as psychoeducation are increasingly being used to treat adult ADHD, both as an alternative and as a supplement to pharmacotherapy. A thorough overview of the literature on psych...

    Authors: Henrik Pedersen, Tatiana Skliarova, Sindre Andre Pedersen, Rolf W. Gråwe, Audun Havnen and Mariela L. Lara-Cabrera
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:73
  3. Psychopathy has been described as “the first personality disorder to be recognized in psychiatry”. It has three core features: affective, interpersonal, and behavioral. The Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy (LS...

    Authors: Elias Ghossoub, Hala Itani, Rayah Touma Sawaya, Pia Maria Ghanime, Michele Cherro, Martine Elbejjani, Marc Barakat and Khalil El Asmar
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:72
  4. Digital tools have the capacity to complement and enhance clinical care for young people at risk of suicide. Despite the rapid rise of digital tools, their rate of integration into clinical practice remains lo...

    Authors: Eleanor Bailey, India Bellairs-Walsh, Nicola Reavley, Piers Gooding, Sarah Hetrick, Simon Rice, Alexandra Boland and Jo Robinson
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:71
  5. Children who experience chest discomfort, palpitations, vasovagal syncope, and underlying heart disease often present a complex clinical picture. Not only are they dealing with potential cardiac issues, but th...

    Authors: Yasemin Nuran Dönmez, Dilek Giray, Serdar Epcacan and Siddika Songül Yalçin
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:70
  6. Alterations in surface area (SA) in specific regions of the cortex have been reported in many individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), however, the genetic background between ASD and SA is still unclea...

    Authors: Xianjing Li, Miaomiao Jiang, Liyang Zhao, Kang Yang, Tianlan Lu, Dai Zhang, Jun Li and Lifang Wang
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:69
  7. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) causes significant disturbance in an individual’s well-being and activity. Whereby, interfering with the dynamic progress in life. Also, anxiety is a product of stress and a ...

    Authors: Danya Ibrahim, Reem Mohamed Ahmed, Ayman Zuhair Mohammad, Basil Ibrahim, Tibyan Mohammed, Mona Elfadl Mohamed, Tibyan Abdelgadir, Baraah Mohammed, Moneib Ibrahim and Kamil M. A. Shaaban
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:68
  8. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are widely used for the treatment of various mental disorders. Sexual dysfunction is one of the most common side effects of SSRIs, and often leads to poor adhere...

    Authors: Arman Alipour-Kivi, Negin Eissazade, Seyed Vahid Shariat, Razieh Salehian, Shiva Soraya, Sanaz Askari and Mohammadreza Shalbafan
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:67
  9. Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a common psychiatric disorder worldwide. Psychotic depression has been reported to be frequently under-diagnosed due to poor recognition of psychotic features. Therefore, the...

    Authors: Yuxuan Wu, Xueli Zhao, Zhe Li, Ruchang Yang, Ruijie Peng, Yue Zhou, Xingzhi Xia, Hanxu Deng, Xiaobin Zhang, Xiangdong Du and Xiangyang Zhang
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:66
  10. Delirium is prevalent in ischemic stroke patients, particularly those in the intensive care unit (ICU), and it poses a significant burden on patients and caregivers, leading to increased mortality rates, prolo...

    Authors: Hongtao Cheng, Simeng Song, Yonglan Tang, Shiqi Yuan, Xiaxuan Huang, Yitong Ling, Zichen Wang, Xiaoying Tian and Jun Lyu
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:65
  11. Adolescent suicidal ideation are associated with factors including psychological abuse/neglect, sleep problems, and depressed mood, but the systematic effects of these factors on suicidal ideation remain uncle...

    Authors: Yu Cen, Jinlong He, Yunling Zhong, Jinhui Zhou, Jiaxin Zeng, Guoping Huang and Jiaming Luo
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:64
  12. Based on social cognitive theory, this study aimed to examine whether and how social abilities (i.e., cognitive empathy and emotional empathy) are associated with gambling disorder (GD) by incorporating attitu...

    Authors: Hui Zhou and Anise M. S. Wu
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:63
  13. In light of several recent studies, there is evidence that the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has caused various mental health concerns in the general population, as well as among healthcare work...

    Authors: Sara Taleb, Amir Vahedian-Azimi, Leila Karimi, Safa Salim, Farhan Mohammad, Dana Samhadaneh, Kalpana Singh, Nur-Run Hussein and Ali Ait Hssain
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:61
  14. In India, the prevalence of depression among older adults dealing with multiple health conditions varies between rural and urban areas due to disparities in healthcare access and cultural factors. The distinct...

    Authors: Amiya Saha, Bittu Mandal, T. Muhammad and Waad Ali
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:60
  15. Mental illnesses comprise the single largest source of health-related economic burden globally and low-and middle-income countries (LMICs) are disproportionately affected. Many individuals with schizophrenia d...

    Authors: Herni Susanti, Helen Brooks, Budi-anna Keliat, Tim Bradshaw, Dewi Wulandari, Rizky Fadilah, Raphita Diorarta, Suherman, Penny Bee, Karina Lovell and Laoise Renwick
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:59
  16. Depression and anxiety have been found prevalent during all phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. In late December 2022, almost all COVID-19 control measures were lifted in China, leading to a surge in COVID-19 inf...

    Authors: Hui Lu, Jialin Yang, Kejie Zhao, Zhou Jin, Xin Wen, Nuonuo Hu, Hongshen Yang, Zhiyu Sun, Haitao Chen, Yili Huang, Deborah Baofeng Wang and Yili Wu
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:58
  17. The utilization of once-monthly paliperidone palmitate (PP1M) in schizophrenia treatment has increased due to its enhanced adherence and convenience. However, there is limited evidence on patient characteristi...

    Authors: Qian Li, Xin Li, Chong Ye, Miaomiao Jia and Tianmei Si
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:57
  18. Adolescence is a critical period for the onset and maintenance of anxiety disorders, which raises the importance of intervening early; one possibility of doing so is via digital interventions. Within that rese...

    Authors: Naïma Gradi, Adrien Chopin, Daphné Bavelier, Tomer Shechner and Swann Pichon
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:56
  19. With the advent of the new media era, the understanding of adolescent internet addiction needs to be enriched. It is also necessary to distinguish the related factors of adolescent internet addiction at differ...

    Authors: Bibing Dai, Yan Lin, Xinyi Lai, Jiankang He, Mingxuan Du, Xiaowen Hou and Guohua Zhang
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:55
  20. Patients with schizophrenia (SCZ) have a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases than the average population. Early diagnosis of SCZ patients with subclinical atherosclerosis is great importance in reducing car...

    Authors: Yaşar Kapıcı, Olga Bayar Kapıcı, Sabri Abuş, Mehmet Hamdi Örüm, Selçuk Ayhan, Mehmet Bozkurt, Bilal Özer and Atilla Tekin
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:54
  21. Immune inflammation has long been implicated in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia. Despite as a rapid and effective physical therapy, the role of immune inflammation in electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) for schi...

    Authors: Yu Wang, Guangfa Wang, Muxin Gong, Yujing Yang, Yuru Ling, Xinyu Fang, Tingting Zhu, Zixu Wang, Xiangrong Zhang and Caiyi Zhang
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:53
  22. This article begins by locating Patient and Public involvement ((PPI) historically and argues that ‘mental health’ was a special case. This movement held promise for service users in repositioning them as rese...

    Authors: Diana Rose and Peter Beresford
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:52
  23. Globally, sleep disturbance is the foremost public health issue among pregnant women which might have undesirable birth outcome including neurocognitive impairment, preterm birth, low birth weight, and neonata...

    Authors: Sintayehu Simie Tsega, Mekdes Kiflu, Sisay Maru Wubante, Birye Dessalegn Mekonnen and Yeshambel Andargie Tarekegn
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:51
  24. Previous studies have shown that symptoms of depression and anxiety were highly prevalent among health sciences students. This may lead to other professional and personal difficulties and a decrease in individ...

    Authors: Jakov Milić, Nataša Skitarelić, Dijana Majstorović, Sanja Zoranić, Marta Čivljak, Kata Ivanišević, Mario Marendić, Jasna Mesarić, Zrinka Puharić, Marijana Neuberg, Snježana Čukljek, Aleksandar Racz and Livia Puljak
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:50
  25. Cancer affects mental health in older adults with cancer (OAC), affecting almost 50% of the patients. There are only a few studies on psychiatric disorders in OAC, especially in low resource settings. We repor...

    Authors: Jayita K. Deodhar, Lekhika N. Sonkusare and Savita S. Goswami
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:49
  26. Schizophrenia (SCZ) is a psychotic disorder with an unknown pathogenesis accompanied by varying degrees of cognitive deficits. Recent studies have shown that immune dysregulation plays an important role in dev...

    Authors: Lina Zhou, Xiancang Ma and Wei Wang
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:48
  27. Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a debilitating health condition that has significant morbidity and mortality rates. Depression can be caused due to social, biological, environmental, psychological, and gene...

    Authors: Zabun Nahar, Delruba Tabassum Nowshin, A. S. M. Roknuzzaman, Md. Sohan, Salsabil Islam, M. M. A. Shalahuddin Qusar and Md. Rabiul Islam
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:47
  28. The COVID-19 pandemic is a global public health crisis. During the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health has attracted great attention. However, there is a lack of research on the relationship between academic stre...

    Authors: Baoling Chen, Weiwei Wang and Shanlin Yang
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:46
  29. Developmental dyslexia is characterized by reading and writing deficits that persist into adulthood. Dyslexia is strongly associated with academic underachievement, as well as impulsive, compulsive, and crimin...

    Authors: Lucas Muñoz-López, Francisca Serrano, María del Carmen López-Torrecillas, María Blasa Sánchez-Barrera, Ignacio Martín and Francisca López-Torrecillas
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:45
  30. According to the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation’s Global Health Data Exchange (2023) it is estimated that 5% of all adults will experience depressive disorder. Amongst the general loss of pleasure ...

    Authors: Nazir Hashemi-Mohammadabad, Seyed-Abdolvahab Taghavi, Nicky Lambert, Raana Moshtaghi, Fatemeh Bazarganipour and Mahboubeh Sharifi
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:44
  31. Systematic reviews consistently show that family-focused interventions are effective at improving substance treatment engagement and outcomes across the lifespan. Yet, Australian substance use treatment servic...

    Authors: Julaine Allan, Nicole Snowdon, Subash Thapa and Kedir Y. Ahmed
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:43
  32. Reflecting on the existing literature on suicidal ideation and Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), this article investigates the complex relationship between them, hypothesizing about the possib...

    Authors: Gaelle Salameh, Nour El Khoury, Rabih Hallit, Diana Malaeb, Fouad Sakr, Mariam Dabbous, Feten Fekih-Romdhane, Sahar Obeid and Souheil Hallit
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:42
  33. To explore the influence of CYP2D6 genetic polymorphism on risperidone metabolism, thereby affecting risperidone’s effects and safeties in patients with chronic schizophrenia.

    Authors: Xiaoyi Wang, Jing Huang, Jianjun Lu, Xuemei Li, Hui Tang and Ping Shao
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:41
  34. Depression is a major global health challenge, affecting over 300 million people worldwide. Current pharmacological and psychotherapeutic interventions have limited efficacy, underscoring the need for novel ap...

    Authors: Felix Schoeller, Abhinandan Jain, Vladimir Adrien, Pattie Maes and Nicco Reggente
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:40
  35. The study aimed to examine the predictors of treatment nonresponse and low adherence to Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy and face-to-face therapy for treating depression and anxiety in women facing ...

    Authors: Shiva Shafierizi, Zahra Basirat, Fatemeh Nasiri-Amiri, Farzan Kheirkhah, Zahra Geraili, Hajar Pasha and Mahbobeh Faramarzi
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:39
  36. The aim of this study is to assess the prevalence of anxiety and depression symptoms among adolescent students in the West Bank region of Palestine, with a particular focus on the impact of electronic device u...

    Authors: Suha Hamshari, Shaban Yaseen, Mosab Zayed, Asala Dalasha, Beesan Maraqa and Zaher Nazzal
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:38
  37. Psychotic disorders are common and contribute significantly to morbidity and mortality of people with psychiatric diseases. Therefore, early screening and detection may facilitate early intervention and reduce...

    Authors: Claire Kwagala, Amantia Ametaj, Hannah H. Kim, Joseph Kyebuzibwa, Rogers Okura, Anne Stevenson, Bizu Gelaye and Dickens Akena
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:36
  38. Adolescence is an essential stage for the development of mental health, and suicide is among the leading cause of mortality for adolescents around the world. In India, the suicide rate among adolescents has be...

    Authors: Rachel Elizabeth Senapati, Susangita Jena, Jayashree Parida, Arpita Panda, Prasanna Kumar Patra, Sanghamitra Pati, Harpreet Kaur and Subhendu Kumar Acharya
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:35
  39. Poor mental health is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among Black men in the United States. Efforts to improve mental health among Black men have been hampered by a lack of access and utilization of...

    Authors: Joshua J. Joseph, Timiya S. Nolan, Guy Brock, Amaris Williams, Songzhu Zhao, Alicia McKoy, Bjorn Kluwe, Faith Metlock, Katherine Campanelli, James B. Odei, Monique T. Khumalo, Dana Lavender, John Gregory and Darrell M. Gray
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:34
  40. Studies to date examining cortical thickness and surface area in young individuals At Risk Mental State (ARMS) of developing psychosis have revealed inconsistent findings, either reporting increased, decreased...

    Authors: Paul E. Rasser, Tim Ehlkes and Ulrich Schall
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:33
  41. Several studies have reported that psychotic-like experiences are associated with low levels of resilience and increased suicide risk. However, it remains unknown as to whether resilience mediates or moderates...

    Authors: Julia Karska, Maksymilian Rejek and Błażej Misiak
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:32
  42. With cancer the second deadliest disease in the world, worry about cancer can have mental health or psychiatric implications. This study examines the prevalence, differences, and influence of cancer worry (CW)...

    Authors: Lohuwa Mamudu, Jinyi Li, Archana J. McEligot, Michele Wood, Pimbucha Rusmevichientong, Erasmus Tetteh-Bator, Abdul-Nasah Soale, James D. Fortenberry and Faustine Williams
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:31
  43. The ability to attribute mental states to others is called theory of mind (ToM) and is a substantial component of social cognition. This ability is abnormally developed in individuals with autism spectrum diso...

    Authors: Rana Ghamari, Mohammad Tahmaseb, Atiye Sarabi-Jamab, Seyed-Alireza Etesami, Azar Mohammadzadeh, Fatemeh Alizadeh and Mehdi Tehrani-Doost
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:30
  44. Intermittent theta burst stimulation (iTBS), a novel form of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), can be administered in 1/10th of the time of standard rTMS (~ 3 min vs. 37.5 min) yet achieves ...

    Authors: Michelle S. Goodman, Fidel Vila-Rodriguez, Melanie Barwick, Matthew J. Burke, Jonathan Downar, Jonathan Hunter, Tyler S. Kaster, Yuliya Knyahnytska, Paul Kurdyak, Robert Maunder, Kevin Thorpe, Alisson P. Trevizol, Daphne Voineskos, Wei Zhang and Daniel M. Blumberger
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:28
  45. People with severe COVID anxiety have poor mental health and impaired functioning, but the course of severe COVID anxiety is unknown and the quality of evidence on the acceptability and impact of psychological...

    Authors: Mike J. Crawford, Jacob D. King, Aisling McQuaid, Paul Bassett, Verity C. Leeson, Oluwaseun Tella, Martina Di Simplicio, Peter Tyrer, Helen Tyrer, Richard G. Watt and Kirsten Barnicot
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:27
  46. Peer victimization (PV) is one of the major causes of non-suicidal self-injury. Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), peer victimization, social anxiety, and mobile phone addiction are significantly related; howeve...

    Authors: Qianmei Long, Bin Huang, Yiyu Tang, Junlin Wu, Jia Yu, Junlin Qiu, Yanqing Huang and Guoping Huang
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:25
  47. Authors: Rinske Roos, Anke B Witteveen, José Luis Ayuso-Mateos, Corrado Barbui, Richard A. Bryant, Mireia Felez-Nobrega, Natasha Figueiredo, Rafael Kalisch, Josep Maria Haro, David McDaid, Roberto Mediavilla, Maria Melchior, Pablo Nicaise, A-La Park, Papoula Petri-Romão, Marianna Purgato…
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2024 24:24

    The original article was published in BMC Psychiatry 2023 23:801

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